Medical Construction — Palmetto Oral and Maxillofacial

Location: 198 Rutledge Avenue

The building located at 198 Rutledge Avenue underwent a complete interior renovation. Chastain Construction, Inc. converted the building, originally a doctor's office, to accommodate a dentist's office. The renovations included an up-grade to the electrical system, the installation of a medical gas system, X-Ray equipment, as well as updating the HVAC and plumbing to meet new code requirements. The dentist's office will also feature state of the art LCD screens to examine x-rays taken. This serves as a replacement for the view boxes, which have traditionally been used to observe slides. In addition, a new dental vacuum system will be installed to assist with dental procedures and surgeries.

Chastain Construction, Inc. was able to help limit the cost by requesting main quotes from all trades involved. By selecting the best team for work in the medical field, Chastain was able to save thousands of dollars by preserving material from the demolition phase and utilizing those recycled materials in the build out phase of the project.

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