Medical Construction — NNICU MUSC Children's Hospital

Architect: Josie Abrams Architect
Location: MUSC Children's Hospital

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NNICU) is dedicated to excellence in the care of newborns and their families. The NNICU was renovated to improve circulation and increase work space. It consisted of moving scrub sinks, re-orienting the nurses' station, and creating more efficiency of the limited square footage. All of this was to be accomplished in a highly sensitive environment, while still being occupied and functional throughout construction. Designers creatively manipultaed the Hospital's Standardized finishes, colors, and aquatic theme to create a family friendly atmosphere. The flooring and casework on the project required high quality craftsmanship. Chastain Construction completed this renovation using full containment of the work area, 100% negative air, access through an anti-room, multiple air scrubbers and a variety of other infectious control procedures. The success of this project was due to a true team approach between the NNICU, MUSC Infectious Control, MUSC Managment, the Architect (Josie Abrams), subcontractors, vendors and Chastain Construction.

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