Commercial Renovation — Majestic Grill

Architect: Bill Huey & Associates
Location: 345 King Street

This building, located in downtown Charleston, was erected in 1883 and has served a variety of different commercial applications such as a hardware store, an ice cream parlor, and a jewelry store.

During the course of demolition, we uncovered numerous historical facts of the building. The original etched glass storefront was found and preserved for future generations, and the building's number "345" was removed from the former entrance and reset above the new entrance. We were also able to salvage the original glass from the windows and have them reinstalled. To further enhance the charm of the building, the existing brick walls were restored and left exposed.

Due to new code requirements, two new stair wells were installed, along with fire and sprinkler suppression systems. The existing jewelry store vault is now used for restaurant storage.

The newly renovated building will serve as a theme restaurant named the Majestic Grill. The restaurant is named after the Majestic Theater which was a Vaudeville theater located next door at 343 King Street. The Majestic Theater burned in the fall of 1951 and was demolished shortly there after. The Majestic Grill has incorporated the rich history of the Majestic Theater's Hollywood ties into its menu and decor making it one of Charleston's most unique dining establishments.

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